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High paying affiliate programs vs low paying affiliate programs(FREE training)

high paying affiliate programs vs low

Which is best to Promote?

High paying affiliate programs (high end products) or low paying(low product cost) affiliate programs.Both can make you money, but only if you know how to promote them correctly and to the right people.

So how do you choose what to promote?


Whatever product you choose, you MUST first do as much research as you possibly can on both the product itself and to who you are going to sell it to.

You must Know everything about your product.What your product does and how it works. If possible be an expert on that product.

What NEED does this product solve? This is the most important thing you need to know!!

Why? People buy things because they have a need, to solve a problem or to make it much easier to do a task they have to do.

Once you have identified the problems or needs that your product solves. Only then can you find people with that exact problem or need to be resolved by what you are selling.

You now know What your selling, and Who your going to sell it to.

The next step in your research, is where to find the people with that need or problem to be solved.

How are you going to find them?…..ADVERTISING.

Yes at this point you’re nearly ready to put out some kind of advert, telling people, i’m selling productX and do you want to buy it?

The only problem is the world is an enormous place and many forms of advertising exist. More research needed for sure.

This is called Market Research. Maybe this one step, should be the very first thing to research,before spending time on anything else…

Is there a market for the product your going to sell?

If its a new product data will be limited,but you can get good data to use from top selling similar products if its equal or superior in functionality or quality.

If its been sold before,you need to find the following data…..

a)See how many sold so far(If its not new and nobody bought it or very few sales,(best look for another product that has more sales)

b)See how many sold very recently,yesterday,last week,last month(Good indicator that people are interested and will buy this product and not outdated)

c)Research on your competition. How many selling this product. Who are the top sellers and where they are getting their sales from. What advertising they are using to get sales(yes 007 tactics needed here. Spy on your competition).This can save you lots of wasted time and money.

d)Is there still a demand for your product(Been sold by everyone under the sun and no one left to sell to)

The more info you can dig up here,the more successful you’re going to be.

Now with all this data you can start your advertising campaings.

You have a product that sells and you know who is going to buy that type of product. A sale is just a question of getting your advert infront of the right eyeball’s. Advertising is very expensive so you have to be Super laser targeting all of your advertising efforts.

Getting sales with advetising is a lot of trial and error.More failures than successes.This is why successfull marketers,do lots of low budget testing first.Use tracking data on everything, and sift out the advertising that works and scale up the adverts bringing in the sales.

HIgh End Product or Low End Product? Which is best to go for?

Well really it makes no difference as long as your making a profit in the end.

The initial groundwork is the same for all products.

Yes making One $1000 sale may need Ten $100 sales to get equal profit, but also need to consider how much time , effort and advertising costs are involved and the possibility of scaling up.

High End sales,are fantastic,but it may be you’ll only get 2 or 3 in a year,whereas you may sell a low end product every week.At the end of the year you have earned more selling low end products.Which one is really the high paying affiliate programs in the end?

The problem is there is no set rule.

Different products need different advertising for different buyers. One selling strategy may work for one person and not work for someone else.

My conclusion is sell both high end and low end products.Find those golden nugget’s that make you profit and scale up for more success.


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